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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Vale Chrissy

Torn net stockings
School girl uniform
Audacious, bawdy, confrontational, dangerous
There was a threatening adjective
For her
From every letter of the alphabet
And still
You couldn’t fully describe
That sense of menace

More pout than Jagger
As much strut as Freddie
She’d out writhe Iggy
Mix in a healthy dollop
Of J Rotten sweat, spittle and attitude
Throw in a handful
Of Doc Neeson intimidation
Add some Rocky Horror sensibility
And still
You couldn’t fully describe
Her presence on that stage

All the boys in town
Wanted her
Even knowing the risk
They knew from her would come
So much pleasure
If only they could take the pain

The Countdown studio
Couldn’t contain her
She’d move on
To conquer the world
Up theirs if they resisted

And even as she left us
She exhorted all women
To touch themselves all over
To be aware of their bodies
And discern insidious secrets
Hidden beneath their skin

YouTube the clips
Of Chrissy in her pomp
She paved the way for her sex
In the world of rock chickery
Braving all she told her gender
There are no boundaries
And we adored her for that

Rock It Powerful up there Chrissy

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  1. Made me cry. Hope she's found Michael H and Billy T up there and they're tearing the place up!!!